【セイコーGGP】女子やり投3位 ケルシー・リー・バーバー( オーストラリア)コメント/Seiko Golden Grand Prix 2023 YOKOHAMA - Women's Javelin Throw 3rd Comment



ケルシー・リー・バーバー( オーストラリア)

3位 61m95

I'm not very satisfied with the result, but happy with the way I ended up competing in the last three rounds today. It's not too bad for the early season. I feel like there's a positive start for things to work on and to grow from here. So a little bit to reflect on, but ultimately I really enjoyed the competition today.
Three times the champion is my goal for this year. I think that's a really special place to be, but I also think it's really achievable.