【セイコーGGP】女子やり投優勝 マッケンジー・リトル( オーストラリア)コメント/Seiko Golden Grand Prix 2023 YOKOHAMA - Women's Javelin Throw Winner's Comment



マッケンジー・リトル( オーストラリア)

優勝 64m10

It's really close to my best, so I'm really happy with that. I Made sure to have a good time exploring Japan this week, so I knew that I was relaxed and I'd done some good training prior to this. I was just having my first international competition this season and building into the season, so I'm actually quite happy with having a win and the consistency was really important to get. About World champs,I think if I can keep throwing like that, I'm really looking forward to improving my place from last year.